Halal Policy

Aladdin Commerce Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 202001029541 (1385861­P)), its affiliates, associates and subsidiaries (collectively, the “Aladdin”, ”we”, “us”, or “our”) are always committed to provide ease of mind, utmost confidence and the best hands-on experience of niche social commerce platform for Halal and Muslim-friendly products and services to our customers.

We strive to continually improve our service through setting up quality objectives and targets in all areas of our operation with respect to Halal aspect, product safety and quality. Our Halal quality and Muslim-friendly products and services is regularly monitored by a dedicated team and the results is used by the management to deliver improved customer experience.

Consistent with our approach to achieve feasible outcomes, we are committed to complying with, where practicable, relevant Malaysian Halal guidelines and standards for products and/or food safety legislation and other related requirements as set out by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (“JAKIM”). Accordingly, for products under valid Halal certificate scheme, it will be accompanied with Halal certificate which is recognised by relevant Certification Bodies (“CB”) such as JAKIM. Meanwhile, for the products which is not covered under the same, the products will be screened by our internal Halal Governance Division (“Halal Governance Division”).

Our Halal Governance Division which is headed by an expert, responsible for all matters pertaining to halal regulatories. Aladdin is committed to adhere with the requirements of our halal assurance, products and/or food safety and quality management system, and to work closely with our merchants, customers, suppliers, contractors, agents and employees to continually improve effectiveness.

Aladdin will endeavour to ensure our policy is properly maintained, communicated and distributed to our merchants, customers, suppliers, contractor, agents and employees and is subject to periodic review to ensure its continued sustainability.