AIRDRY Microfiber Casual Hijab (Black) BCH13

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All Airdry™️ products are engineered with different state-of-the-art technologies and unique innovation, developed by our in-house technical team who specializes in understanding the nature and performance of microfiber technology. Each and every of our microfiber products boasts a unique knit pattern designed for optimizing performance in specific conditions. It retains all the advantages of basic microfiber, yet supplemented with a range of additional superpowers for you. Therefore, our fabric construction and its textures are patented and available exclusively for you! To enhance quality control, our products are produced locally, Buatan MALAYSIA! The black and lightweight fabric is designed for casual and fashionable looking. Do you think that’s all? Our pin-less, ready-to-wear and stylish design makes you always stay in style while at work or any occasion in life!
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