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Water is essential for all forms of life. That being said, clean and uncontaminated drinking water is becoming an increasingly rare commodity as evidenced by the growing demand for bottled water. There are two categories of bottled water, namely natural mineral water and drinking water.

Al-Ulum bottled water falls under the category of natural mineral water as it is extracted from a geologically protected aquifer that is located on the grounds of our madrasah. It undergoes aeration and filtration to remove any particulate matter and iron before being bottled at our on site bottling facility. No processes that alter the original physicochemical properties of the water are carried out. This maintains the essential constituents which give our water its unique mineral properties - a vital point in ensuring our natural mineral water status. What you get is pure, pristine and perfect Al-Ulum bottled water that is mineral rich and microbiologically safe to consume. A recent study has shown that the consumers of bottled water are typically well educated, middle class adults with an above average awareness of health and wellness.

As a producer of bottled natural mineral water, Al-Ulum is strategically positioned to cater for the burgeoning demands of this growing market. In addition to this, we also are in a position to educated the general public about the benefits of drinking clean water while also taking steps to ensure that our product is made available to anyone and everyone.

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