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Mizon's Real VitaminC Ampoule separates itself by using naturally derived (lime, lemon, oranges) Vitamin C extract which are more effective in fading pigmentation, reverse aging, improve skin tone and heal scars. Taste the real change and bring lasting vitality to your precious skin

Mizon Real Vitamin C Ampoule is a pure waterless serum containing a 19% solution of vitamin C. Because it has 0% water, that makes this Vitamin C serum more stabilized. It has a powerful combination of vitamin C and Arbutin to brighten skin effectively. Excellent absorption: not adding water to the formula allows to effectively control the Vitamin C from being oxidized with water, temperature, or light. Delivers the active ingredients of Vitamin C directly to skin.

Minimalist Formula: Natural moisturizing ingredients, the formula only contains 10 ingredients to moisturize, supply nutrition and provide vitality to the skin.

Safe: Vitamin C Ampoules that contained purified water will change its color drastically after opening. However, Mizon's Vitamin C Ampoule test by manufacturer showed slightly changes when kept in room temperature between 0 to 30 degrees.

Total Skincare: Vitamin C properties are good for brightening, moisturizing, skin elasticity, and antioxidation. Soft texture that can be applied smoothly on the skin without stickiness.

How to Use After skin control using toner, drop small amount of it to your skin and tap it for absorption.

Ingredients Propanediol, Propylene Carbonate, Ascorbic Acid(19%), 2,3-Butanediol, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Arbutin, Orange Peel Oil, Limonene, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Adenosine

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